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4 min readSep 20, 2023


Beta magic in progress. This is a major update to the Mangata X beta interface! We got some great user feedback from Mangata frens that tried our newly released Beta UI. Mangata is on track to make the app great and fit for user demands.

The updated version is now released on and waiting all Mangata users to explore. Want to know about what the new features are? Read on, we have some highly anticipated features to talk about like the new mobile wallet support, automated backrunning feature for better prices and an updated interface for liquidity pools as well as a brand new token listing on the DEX.

GM to New Wallets

This is an exciting moment, Mangata X is now on your thumbs! We know that many users like to crypto on the go, and we also know Nova Wallet is the wallet of your choice in Polkadot when it comes to mobile. This is why we prioritized Nova wallet in the first wallet expansion. Mangata X now supports Nova, Subwallet and Enkrypt wallets for the app connection. It still requires a little tweaking to make the app fully compatible for small screen, but its still great to experience Mangata X on mobile. Try it now.

Liquidity Pools Micro-App: Fully Functional

With the latest update, Liquidity Pools and My Positions micro-apps gained full functionality. You can now manage your LP portfolio, search and browse pools, and easily check out analytics for each pool. Liquidity provision experience is much more user-friendly and easy to understand.

My Positions micro-app offers an overview of all your positions. The section is complete with detailed insights and features such as a handy “Claim All” rewards widget. You can easily manage your liquidity positions and claim your rewards. No more waiting, folks. The beta app is now fully equipped to cater to all user needs.

(back)Run them Trades, Fast!

You can now get even better trade prices with Mangata X! The new frontend automated routing feature optimizes your trade route to automatically backrun trades for you when it is feasible. Every trade on the DEX shifts the prices slightly. Usually, an arbitrage bot comes right after you and backrun your trade to take a bit of arbitrage and equalize prices again. You get a bit less and a bot gets what you leave on the ground.

Mangata minimizes MEV by optimizing your trade. Instead of leaving a backrun-able amount for a bot, the trading UI itself simulates the best route and backruns the trade for you, optimizing the trade result for the benefit of the user.

Patching Up for Perfection

Beyond the major upgrades, we have also fine-tuned the platform with minor bug fixes, UI enhancements, and an expanding list of new tokens. Our dynamic ecosystem gets richer with the every token we introduce. Most recently, MOVR is listed on Mangata X last month, linking us with the Kusama Network’s leading EVM platform. You can learn more about MOVR listing by checking out the announcement.

We are Listening

Remember, Mangata’s growth isn’t just about technology. It’s about the community. It’s about you. So, dive into the updated Mangata X Beta App. And once you’ve had your fill, don’t forget to drop your thoughts on the UI Feedback Form.

Happy exploring and enjoy the upgraded experience!

Stay Tuned

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About Mangata

Mangata is on a mission to become the #1 interchain DEX, offering traders and liquidity providers the best platform to access native tokens and earn rewards.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in the decentralized economy and benefit from the power of blockchain technology. That’s why we are creating a user-friendly platform that makes it easy for users to trade, provide liquidity, and earn from multiple passive income streams through double staking rewards, even if they are new to crypto.

Mangata will offer access to the widest array of tokens from all chains, better prices for traders by mitigating MEV, and the ability to trade without gas.

At Mangata, we’re dedicated to building a fair and transparent platform that puts the needs of users first, offering the lowest fees for traders and the highest rewards for stakers. We’re committed to continuously improving our platform and offering new features that provide even more value to our users.

Join us on our mission to become the #1 interchain DEX and unlock the full potential of the decentralized economy.

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