UX You’ll Love: Mangata’s New Beta App

4 min readAug 31, 2023


The biggest problem we see in crypto today is bad user experience. Most user interfaces are horrible and we want to change this! Dapps need to be created around the needs of users. We want intuitive, powerful, and convenient dapps that allow you to do everything in a single place.

Mangata fixes this. For the last 6 months, our user experience experts worked to create a new frontend architecture that simplifies the trading experience. Mangata frens, today we are launching this new app.

You can check it out at beta.mangata.finance

In this article, we will highlight the new automatic routing and analytics features that are part of the new beta UI.

On the new interface, you can test new wallet connections, token deposits & withdrawals, swap operations and check out stats for the liquidity pools. Some actions such as liquidity provision still requires the use of the current main version. The beta app is regularly updated, so get ready to see more features coming in regularly.

Automatic Routing

Mangata’s gas-free swaps are now available with automatic routing! Automatic routing greatly improves trading efficiency and user experience since it removes the necessity to check the liquidity for every swap that users want to make.

Automatic routing finds the best route to execute your trade. You have been asking, and Mangata delivered.

Analytics within the App

Many exchanges split analytics and trading into two different apps. We think that users should have all the information available at the same place. You can find the latest statistics about liquidity pools right where they belong.

New Micro-Apps Architecture

The new interface is built on a micro-apps architecture, which enables quick integration of new features and provides flexibility to the platform. This framework is capable of interacting with external applications, which will expand Mangata’s scope and adaptability.

The beta trading frontend works on Mangata X and utilizes real assets. Which means users are engaged in real transactions while using the beta app. This include deposits, withdrawals, and token swaps.

Your Voice Matters!

Trade efficiency is maximized through the implementation of automatic routing, while the micro-apps architecture offers swift feature integration and an inclusive ecosystem capable of interacting with external applications. Streamlined UX simplifies navigation, ensuring user-friendly trading.

Mangata invites everyone to explore the new beta trading frontend, provide feedback, and leverage the power of the Mangata community in shaping the platform’s future.

If you tested the app, please share your feedback here: Beta UI Feedback Form

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About Mangata

Mangata is on a mission to become the #1 interchain DEX, offering traders and liquidity providers the best platform to access native tokens and earn rewards.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in the decentralized economy and benefit from the power of blockchain technology. That’s why we are creating a user-friendly platform that makes it easy for users to trade, provide liquidity, and earn from multiple passive income streams through double staking rewards, even if they are new to crypto.

Mangata will offer access to the widest array of tokens from all chains, better prices for traders by mitigating MEV, and the ability to trade without gas.

At Mangata, we’re dedicated to building a fair and transparent platform that puts the needs of users first, offering the lowest fees for traders and the highest rewards for stakers. We’re committed to continuously improving our platform and offering new features that provide even more value to our users.

Join us on our mission to become the #1 interchain DEX and unlock the full potential of the decentralized economy.

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