What You Need to Know About the Master-Rollup Infrastructure

5 min readAug 28, 2023

Do you know this feeling? You want to try out that new blockchain that has just launched. But you are already deep in another ecosystem? Downbad. Cross-chain bridging is among the biggest pain points in crypto. Whenever users try to explore new ecosystems, they are forced to use a centralized exchange or a bridge to transfer value from one ecosystem to the other.

In reality, bridges do not transfer tokens between blockchains, they mirror them across. The bridged token acts as a placeholder while the real value is still on the origin blockchain. What about CEXes? Aside from KYC requirements, there are even more risks involved with them. Both stories mostly share the same ending: bridge gets hacked, CEX becomes insolvent and the user gets rekt.

Mangata has a different approach. As a settlement infrastructure, Mangata simplifies multichain value transfers and makes native cross-chain swaps possible. The vision? To avoid bridge hacks and remove the necessity of using bridged assets.

The future of DeFi is multichain. Mangata has started to progress on this route and completed extensive research in a short time. In this article, you will find an easy-to-read summary of Mangata’s master-rollup infrastructure research output. Are you more tech-savvy and want to check out the whole thing? You can follow this link to the master-rollup article.

All Tokens, All Chains

In a couple of years, all chains will be able to cross-communicate much better than today. It is inevitable. But currently, existing cross-chain routes either depend on centralized exchanges, or force users to make trust compromises with bridges, such as holding bridged assets. The inherent risk is increased with bridges as they stretch into more ecosystems, the complexity and potential security pitfalls grow with each new connection to a primary blockchain layer (L1).

At its core, Mangata establishes an app-specific chain layered over multiple blockchains, ensuring all tokens retain the original security of their own network. Mangata’s master-rollup infrastructure has universal compatibility with all Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVMs), and streamlines transfers without the traditional limitations of bridged assets.

Two unique Mangata innovations make this system possible: Rolldowns and Proof of Finality. Rolldowns allow to read L1 state into the master-rollup while proof-of-finality ensures execution correctness, which is built on top of Ethereum consensus. Mangata has been proactive and is already two years ahead of other rollup technologies by integrating decentralized sequencers from the beginning.

In a world where chains need to talk, Mangata is making the conversation easier.

Secure and Flexible

Mangata offers native cross-chain swaps without resorting to traditional bridges through the power of zero-knowledge proofs and decentralized sequencers. The ZK-rollup will be equipped with escape hatches, which guarantee the withdrawal of user funds.

As a chain dedicated solely to hosting a DEX with its app-specific design, Mangata can roll out solutions that broader blockchains cannot match. The blockspace, which is the capacity of a blockchain to finalize and commit operations, is not shared with other apps since Mangata blockchain is reserved to a single application. Being an app-chain by itself, Mangata has the ultimate control, which means the chain is fully customizable for the needs of a settlement infrastructure and provides the possibility of building cool features like gas-free swaps and MEV minimization.

By combining the benefits of MEV minimization and gas-free swaps with escape hatch safety mechanism, Mangata’s predictable cost infrastructure ensures both security and flexibility. Users can confidently manage and withdraw their funds, relying solely on the underlying base layers like Ethereum itself.

Filling the Gap

Mangata aims to close the substantial $83B volume contrast between centralized and decentralized exchanges. By directing liquidity and volume away from CEXes into the heart of DeFi, Mangata is strategically positioned to accelerate the growth and potential of decentralized finance, ensuring a future where cross-chain integration is easy, simple, and fast.

In the blockchain landscape where centralized and decentralized exchanges often seem worlds apart, Mangata emerges as a game-changer with its cutting-edge ZK-rollup technology, app-specific design, and innovative mechanisms.

Bridging as a daily activity for users becomes a memory of the past in Mangata’s vision. With risks linked to bridge hacks minimized, Mangata is setting a new standard in DeFi by guaranteeing high-volume, gas-free and MEV-minimized atomic swaps.

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