RMRK is now tradable on Mangata X

3 min readApr 24, 2023

Glide through the Skybreach on the wings of the Airwhale!

Mangata X has recently listed RMRK token on the platform. Liquidity mining for RMRK/MGX started on the 24th of April, 14:00 UTC. Deposits for RMRK are open on the trading app, and Mangata X users can start providing liquidity now to start earning rewards.

RMRK is the official token of RMRK protocol, which encompasses both the Singular NFT marketplace and Kanaria Skybreach metaverse. RMRK’s cutting-edge technology allows users to create nested / lego NFTs that are equipable to others, as well as multi-resource NFTs.

RMRK token has several use cases. It has been used for the curation of NFT collections on Singular and as a metaverse currency during the Skybreach land sale. The roadmap of RMRK shows further use cases such as network governance tokens, NFT minting fees on the Singular platform, and metaverse staking.

Pool Weights and Incentives

The Mangata X Council approved the new pool weights that incentivize liquidity provision for the RMRK/MGX pair as well as some changes with the existing weights. Mangata X users can follow and contribute to off-chain governance discussions on Mangata Discord. Join these discussions and provide feedback to contribute to the decentralization of the network.

Market Exposure

RMRK token is already listed on centralized exchanges Kucoin and Gate.io. It is also available on many parachains including Bifrost and Karura, as well as on Moonriver as an xc20 asset in the EVM format. Listing such highly exposed assets to the market like this always creates many arbitrage opportunities. RMRK’s wide availability across multiple platforms highlights its growing significance in the blockchain ecosystem.

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