MOVR is listed on Mangata X! — Liquidity Mining for MOVR-MGX is Kicking off on August 11

3 min readAug 11, 2023


An exciting day is here for Mangata community! We are happy to announce that Moonriver is connected to Mangata X, and the tokens can seamlessly flow between the two parachains.

Moonriver is an Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform on the Kusama Network that allows developers to deploy existing Solidity smart contracts and DApp’s on the blockchain.

Moonriver’s native token, MOVR is recently listed on Mangata DEX. Users will be able to provide liquidity and begin earning rewards from liquidity provision starting the 11th August. On the other hand, xcMGX is now transferable and can be utilized on Moonriver, for the first time as an EVM asset.

Moonriver Channel

After a meticulous OpenGov process on Moonriver governance, the channel between Mangata X and Moonriver is finally open. Kudos to our valuable frens in the Purestake team!

The Moonriver channel represents an important step for Mangata as Moonriver is the first EVM parachain that is connected to Mangata X. This channel will allow Mangata X to list xc20 assets and also facilitates the transfer of MGX to an Ethereum-compatible environment.

Pool Weights

Based on the proposal at Mangata X governance forums on Discord, the new pool weights will be adjusted following the on-chain vote of the Mangata X council. The proposed weight for the MOVR-MGX pool is 13.5% of the MGX incentives. It targets an APR of 80% on the total liquidity of 32,000 USD.

New Listing Opportunities

The establishment of a channel with Moonriver enables Mangata X to introduce a broad range of XC20 assets into its listings. This development not only diversifies the token portfolio on Mangata X but also brings novel possibilities for asset trading between the two parachains.

The future holds promising possibilities in the realm of cross-chain collaborations!

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