Mangata Testnet: Pioneering the Omnichain zk-Rollup on EigenLayer

3 min readDec 20, 2023


Months of building are finally bearing fruit! Today marks a milestone for Mangata with the launch of the first-ever version of the Mangata omnichain zk-rollup EigenLayer testnet AVS! This testnet will pave the way to launch Mangata’s mainnet on Ethereum via EigenLayer in 2024.

Launching the Mangata EigenLayer Testnet

The Mangata testnet on EigenLayer will be used to deploy the first omnichain zk-rollup in a live environment. This first iteration of the testnet will bootstrap the basic infrastructure on the Ethereum Goerli testnet to secure Mangata with native restaked ETH.

Mangata is collaborating with Eigenlayer operators to secure the Mangata AVS, the core mechanism that ensures trustless DeFi settlement between the big crypto ecosystems. After the recent announcement of EigenLayer’s Stage 2 Testnet Launch Program, EigenLayer approaches the roll-out of innovative new rollups and services like EigenDA and the Mangata omnichain zk-rollup. We are working closely with EigenLayer to ensure we are an early part of the mainnet launch sequence of EigenLayer.

EigenLayer Operators: Join the Testnet!

Mangata invites EigenLayer operators to join the testnet journey starting today. Our developer team created a full guide with instructions on the Mangata Github to explain how to participate. Follow the link on GitHub for more info and technical explanations. There will be good opportunities and a reward system for the testers in the future.

Mangata started its Eigenlayer journey with one target: to make cross-chain atomic swaps as easy as calling a smart contract on Ethereum.

Mangata Presents the Omnichain Experience

EigenLayer currently sees a strong influx of staked capital, highlighting strong community interest. Mangata’s omnichain zk-rollup will be secured by EigenLayer. Mangata’s launch will make cross-chain swaps with native assets possible between any network that Mangata connects via zk-rollups. Which means ALL the networks out there!

With the Eigenlayer launch, Mangata users on Ethereum will be able to benefit from unique Mangata features such as Gas-free swaps and Themis Consensus. Mangata ensures users have predictable cost components in decentralized trading by eliminating the biggest and most unpredictable cost components for DeFi users.

  • Gas-Free Swaps completely remove the unpredictable gas costs from every trade.
  • Themis Consensus helps minimize the MEV, one of the biggest pain points on Ethereum.

With the EigenLayer launch approaching, Mangata is strongly advancing on its way to bring L1-grade liquidity that is secured natively to all crypto. You can discover these and more Mangata features by visiting Mangata Docs.

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Mangata is an omnichain liquidity network with the vision to make tokens from all ecosystems tradable on a single exchange. Built on Eigenlayer and Starkware technology, it features gas-free swaps, prevents front-running and MEV, increases capital efficiency with the revolutionary proof-of-liquidity consensus, and offers weight voting and permissionless third-party incentives. As an appchain building on Substrate, it is not bound by legacy EVM restrictions and optimizes the whole ecosystem around capital efficiency and fairness.

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