Mangata is Launching the 100 Collators Programme

3 min readApr 13, 2023

Today, the Mangata Ecosystem Development Fund is launching the 100 Collators Programme. Mangata X is running with 25 collators right now. The aim of this program is to increase the number of collators to 100 in order to ensure proper decentralization of the network by supporting small and independent node operators to become part of the Mangata Ecosystem. It is inspired by the 1000 Validators Programme by Parity and the Web3 Foundation and has the goal of scaling Mangata to 100 decentralized collators.

The program will help collators that are continually adding value to the Mangata ecosystem, such as by helping other community members, participating in governance, and influencing the ecosystem's growth.

How does it Work?

Node operators can apply for the program if they meet the requirements outlined below. After a screening process, collators that are accepted into the program will receive additional delegations to boost their competitiveness in the Mangata Proof-of-Liquidity consensus.

The first cohort of the collator program will receive delegations starting today.


  • Technical
  • The collator is operational and in the set of candidates.
  • The collator connects to Telemetry.
  • Identity set and off-chain verified.
  • Must upgrade the node within 12 hours of a critical release and 24 hours of a normal release.
  • Must have a positive track record of contributing to the Mangata ecosystem. This can be various things like educating others, participating in events, participating in Governance, etc.


If you want to be considered for the 100 Collators Programme, please fill out the: Application Form

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