Mangata Finance is Revolutionizing the Ethereum DEX Landscape with Groundbreaking Technology

2 min readMar 27, 2023

Introducing the world’s first interchain DEX with gasless swaps, MEV mitigation, and decentralized sequencers on Ethereum — Mangata is an app-specific rollup, leveraging Starkware’s ZK tools to bring a fast and efficient DEX for traders.

As decentralized finance continues to grow, Mangata Finance is bringing faster, more efficient, and more accessible trading to the Ethereum ecosystem with its revolutionary AMM DEX ZK and roll-up technology.

Since 2020, the team behind Mangata has been at the forefront of innovation in the Polkadot ecosystem, introducing gasless swaps and launching the first DEX with MEV prevention. As the first roll-up technology with decentralized sequencers and MEV mitigation, Mangata is uniquely positioned to bring its advanced technology and expertise to Ethereum.

Current DEXs on Ethereum are plagued by high gas fees, slow transaction speeds, failed transactions, and market manipulation. These issues make it difficult for traders to execute trades quickly and affordably, leading to missed opportunities and lost profits.

Mangata Finance’s app-specific chain is designed to optimize for capital efficiency and fairness, providing users with a superior trading experience. Our focus on MEV mitigation, gasless swaps, and decentralized sequencers ensures that traders can execute transactions quickly and at a lower cost, making decentralized trading accessible to a wider audience.

Mangata integrates ZK-STARK technology with Polkadot’s shared security, benefiting from Ethereum’s L2 scalability and Polkadot Parachain’s execution guarantee. By integrating with Ethereum as a Layer 2 solution with a decentralized sequencer, Mangata Finance will be able to expand its impact and accessibility in the Ethereum ecosystem. Our technology is built on the Substrate tech stack, allowing for a high level of efficiency and an ‘out of the box’ DAO. This integration with Ethereum will allow Mangata to revolutionize the way traders conduct transactions across multiple chains and types of assets.

With Mangata Finance, traders can experience a new standard of efficiency and transparency in decentralized trading. Our commitment to a fair and accessible trading environment, powered by our advanced technology and app-specific rollup using Starkware’s ZK tools, makes us the ideal choice for traders looking for a reliable and efficient DEX solution. As we continue to integrate all tokens, chains, and assets, Mangata is poised to lead the way toward a more efficient and accessible DEX landscape.

Join the Mangata revolution today and be one of the first to experience the benefits of a hyper-efficient and accessible DEX that’s needed to facilitate global decentralized trading. With Mangata, the future of trading is here.




Our mission is to bring fair rules for traders: a guarantee of low fixed-fees and reliable orders.