Let’s talk about the MGA airdrop!

3 min readDec 15, 2023


After our recent announcement to launch the Mangata omnichain zk-rollup for L1-grade liquidity on Eigenlayer, many community members started asking us about Mangata’s MGA token. Will there be an MGA airdrop?

Yes! As a community-driven project, we want to make sure that early supporters get rewarded for their contributions to the project. We are currently evaluating the best criteria to airdrop MGA to MGX holders and users of the Mangata X. Mangata X is the first testnet of Mangata that launched in 2021, has real economic value and was used to test innovative features like gas-free swaps, MEV-minimization and proof-of-liquidity. For other users like community members, collators, etc… we will open a separate discussion later.

To ensure we find a fair way and include every early supporter to airdrop MGA, we invite the Mangata community to share their ideas and join the discussion on Discord, Twitter, and Telegram.

MGX holders are Eligible

Mangata X users are dear to us. They help us test the network. That’s why we decided to allocate some % of MGA to all MGX holders. Final numbers are to be determined by the tokenomics (they will be revealed soon). It will work this way:

We allocate 0.5% — 3% of MGA to be distributed to all holders of MGX, so they get access to the future Mangata omnichain liquidity network. The more MGX a user holds, the bigger the share of the airdrop pool they will get. MGX in liquidity positions like liquidity mining and staking are included. At the same time, we want to make sure that this is a community-focused airdrop. So early backers and insiders will be excluded.

Distribution Strategies

Here are the options we are considering for the airdrop:

  1. Chain Snapshots: We can take snapshots at specific intervals to identify eligible users.
  2. Point-Based System: Some projects like Blast L2 and Friend.tech use a points-based system to determine the airdrop, which is similar to ongoing snapshots
  3. Burn-and-mint: There might be a determined ratio at which users can burn MGX to receive MGA.

Determining the MGA Airdrop Amount

We value community input in shaping this campaign:

Include every early supporter: Your suggestions will help us determine the final distribution parameters. Think about these areas:

  • Eligibility of liquidity pools for LPs
  • Snapshot intervals and time incentives
  • Minimum holding requirements
  • Criteria for trade number and volume
  • Potential bonuses

Make your Voice heard

You can participate in the discussion and provide feedback through various channels:


The MGA airdrop is not just a reward; it’s a show of commitment to the Mangata community. We are excited to hear from the community to make this event a success. Join the conversation and let’s make the MGA airdrop a memorable event for everyone involved!

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