How to participate in the Crowdloan

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- Custodial Methods
Bifrost SALP
- Non-custodial Methods
Mangata Crowdloan App
Nova Wallet
Polkadot App

Custodial Methods

In this method, your KSM is held by third-party organizations. In exchange, users receive derivative assets that can be used in DeFi, and are redeemable at the end of the lease period (48 weeks).

Bifrost SALP

  1. Step one: Go to and connect your wallet. Choose Mangata X and click contribute

2. Step two: If your KSM is not on Bifrost, you need to bridge your KSM from the relay chain to the Bifrost Parachain. Click cross-in from Kusama to proceed. Put in the desired amount and confirm the cross-chain tx. Skip this step if you already have your KSM on Bifrost.

  1. Step three: Put in the desired amount of KSM and click confirm

4. Step four: Sign and submit. You will need a very small amount of BNC to pay the transaction fee. You can also pay with KSM if you do not have BNC tokens.

5. You can check your contribution from Bifrost’s user interface. You will receive vsKSM derivative tokens after a successful auction. Mangata will publish guides on how to use vsKSM for liquidity provision on Mangata X.

Non-custodial Methods

These methods allow you to maintain custody of your tokens. It’s completely permissionless. However, your tokens are subject to a 48-week lockup period on Kusama Network.

Mangata Crowdloan App

Mangata has prepared an easy way to contribute to the Crowdloan.

📣 This is the only method to use a referral code.

  1. Step one: Go to and connect your wallet. Click contribute directly

2. Select the account you want to contribute with, and put in the desired KSM amount and referral code if you have one. Click contribute


Talisman also provides an easy way to contribute to the Mangata X Crowdloan.

  1. Step one: Go to and connect your wallet. Go to the Crowdloan tab and select Mangata X.

2. Step two: Click contribute

3. Step three: Put in the desired KSM amount, click on contribute sign, and submit.

Nova Wallet

If you are looking for a mobile solution, Nova wallet natively supports crowdloan operations.

  1. Step one: Log in to your wallet. Go to vote tab, go to crowdloan section and select Kusama

2. Step two: Select 2256 from the list of active crowdloans. Put on the desired KSM amount. Click continue and sign the message.

Polkadot App

Polkadot App is the native and more technical way to contribute to the crowdloan.

  1. Step one: Go to Change the network to Kusama from the top left corner. If you are on another network.

2. You can select any RPC, if one does not work properly, change it to another. Click switch

3. Step two: Go to NetworkParachains

4. Step three: Select thecrowdloan tab. Find 2,256 on the active crowdloan list and click contribute

5. Step four: Put in the desired amount of KSM, and click contribute

6. You can check your contribution from My Contribution tab on the Crowdloan page.




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